Zini Firenze

Bespoke dresses for luxury products

Background & History

Zini Firenze was founded in the 1960s in a small workshop in the heart of Florence.

With the time, dedication and professionalism of the Zini family who believed in it, Zini Firenze has then developed and grown increasingly industrialized, but it has never forgotten its artisan origins.

This is the reason why, in its laboratories at the gates of Chianti, industrial applicability and craftsmanship are knowingly combined and help create packaging solutions designed to cover any need for product containment and presentation.

A challenge for the present

The owners, Corrado Zini and Alessia Romani, who are always ready to support the changes and needs that the market constantly dictates, today still lead the company with skill and passion.

Their task is to help companies create added value to their products through boxes, shoppers and displays, exclusively of high quality, aware that perfumes, jewelry, wines and accessories may need to be presented not only for the sale, but also for an opening or an event.

Zini Firenze, with its multifaceted production, can assist a brand in all these aspects.

Consulting and design

Design takes place not only for all packaging products, but also for equipment for the industrialization of their production.

Product development and prototyping

Every conceived product is tried and tested through prototypes.
Only later, if it is in line with expectations, it becomes packaging!

Industrial Production

Our industrial technological production uses automatic wrapping machines for small and large formats and it is extremely versatile.

Hand-made production

Some of our workers are specialized in handicraft production for the realization of top-of-the-range products or a limited number of pieces.