New requirements for imported products

On 3 March, 2013 the new law “Timber Regulation” came into effect.

The main objective of this new legislation is to ensure the legal origin of all wood and products derived from it (hence paper and cardboard) that are imported and / or marketed for the first time within the borders of the EU countries.

The Regulation requires all those involved to set up an adequate system of Due Diligence aimed at minimizing the risk of an illegal provenance of the material purchased.

The Timber Regulation therefore prohibits all operators involved to market products of not legal origin within the European market. Operators should equip themselves with adequate tools (defined Due Diligence Systems) in order to minimize the risk of illegal origin of their own material.

The Regulations establish adequate control systems made through accredited monitoring Bodies or by national Competent Authorities (Ex: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry through inspections carried out by the State Forestry Corps) who determine the correct implementation of the Due Diligence system.